Miracles are rare, miracles are momentary, miracles are explosive but miracles are for real, they happen and we believe they do. We strive towards creating them and we got no “wings of poesy” no ”drowsy numbness” but a palm sized brains with a grey cellular construct. Mortals we are and look for the same.

It would be great to have Calliope come down to our office hurl at us divinely frenzied ideas but since that seems slightly difficult to happen we make do with decently creative minds. Work is what we expect, alternatives are still not acceptable. And by work we mean just that, so you can quite conveniently do away with the notion of work as gracing your office seat with your auspicious presence.

Also, we do not quite follow the Cinderella clock so you might not be able to leave the “ball” as soon as the clock strikes. We need minds not machines. Dictator like we sound, do we? Well that is the trick, we say the mean things now for the fun. Of course we love fun, who doesn’t? We are mortals, remember? So there are parties and birthday blasts.

Moreover if you are someone who is snubbed for coming up with wild ideas, ours is the place to be for you. We let your imagination run wild, to the extent of insanity (umm.. not quite, or may be, we do). There’s an extremely tiny, almost claustrophobic room for mistakes. On a serious note we are looking for someone who is passionate about creating brands, has a mind bubbling with, path breaking & innovative marketing gimmicks, creative ideas which goes viral in few hours.

Seen the great Phoenix in our logo? Duh! see it now if you didn’t before! It is to tell you that we are desperately regenerative and aggressively creative! So basically we need that right balance of magic with logic. Now there a good chance of you not finding yourself fitting our bill, no don’t despair. Do not go to the rehabilitation you are normal! We teach you the above skill as well so you just need to send in your resumes, easy isn't it?