Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

I am learning to jingle. Jingling in ’ my world’  is next to breathing. You can turn any unassuming, bland, thingamajig into something spectacular with just a jingle. Trust me, after that there are millions who jingle along. It is so infectious that your pockets also start jingling!!!

You can start with one meaningful word, say, DOODH….say it again, and again and again, and again…….voila!!! It is a jingle.

You can use two meaningless words, say, kharram and khurram and repeat  them backwards.There!!you have another favourite!

If finding meaningful or meaningless words is difficult for you , you can just repeat the stuff over and over again,

  • Maggi-Maggi-Maggi
  • Dulux- Dulux- Dulux

Or  you can just sing la-la-la-la-la-la-la (liril),   or   Oo la la la le O , Olla lalala le O  ……that would be good enough.

There is another way. This is tough.Write a line with an age-old melody  to go with and you’ll reach out to the patriotic millions who  suddenly become emotional  with just a jingle. Oh I love it when every one hums the “Booland Bharat ki…Hamara BAJA – AAJ” like a national anthem.

There are of course various  other chords to touch..the family, love, home, friends, pets, security:

  • You and I in this beautiful world ( I = Orange -> Hutch-> Vodafone -> ?,  exactly like the frivolity of modern relationships )
  • feels like heaven ( it sure does ! )
  • Khus hai jamana aaj pehli taarikh hai ( today is 6th and KHUSHI is going 🙁 …
  • Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho ( Go and play YoVille -Men &  YoMen  ( errr Women ) – YoVille(tm) is a free virtual world game that allows users to create personal avatars that live in custom decorated homes)
  • Na sar jhuka hai kabhi ( aur bhi kaafi fayden hain short height ke TINGU ji )
  • kal bhi aaj bhi aaj bhi kal bhi ( kal “VIP luggage” Aaj ” Axis Bank” the lines are SAME !!! )

Another method is there,  it’s  my favourite; all you need to do is  just pick out all that you know about the product and educate the mass, rhyme or no rhyme, tune or no tune

  • tandoorusti  ki raksha  karta hai… ( lifeGIRL kya karti hai ???  Ans. TV – Soaps )
  • doodh ki safedi  Nirma se aaye ( if ever they launch -Nirma fairness cream- they can use the same jingle )
  • tan ki shakti man ki shakti…( aur DHAN ki shakti ??? )
  • kya aap close up karte hain ( now they are singing PASS AAO PASS AAO , MERI SANSON ME SAMAO – bhaago BACHAO)

Or just be funny…

  • meri jan meri jaan murgi ke ande…
  • Ta na na na na ri oh pizza aye free …

If  you are not good with words  then just  forget it, you can do well  with just the tune…AIRTEL or TITAN way.

But it is not as easy as it sounds…..the jingles live forever even if the products don’t.

Remember ” Khao gagan raho magan ” ???