Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

Eyes are the most important sensory organ. Gosh!!  I’m talking like a biology book !!! But how can I perceive without eyes? My survival techniques depended on them!!

There were many aspects to my eyes in particular.

1. I could SEE.

2. I could ‘TURN A BLIND EYE‘.

3. I could EXPRESS myself.

4. I could SLEEP.

But it all depended on me. I could do whatever I wanted with my pair of eyes.

Colours are the first most interesting  thing that caught my eye.  There are millions of shades and hues.

For example, my colour red has 285 shades. I wonder if we actually can identify them, but then, since I am of the fairer sex,  I must . Someone told me that I must know the names of all because its unfashionable to  just  say “red”. So I mugged up all the names, burgundy, amaranth, flame, coral, fuchsia, terracotta, vermillion, scarlet, burnt sienna, lava, amber, emerald , ruby, et al. Now I can  Wow!!  a ’Maraschino -Olive’  combination and know that those’ others’ would appreciate it.I could SEE.

I realized it was important to know your colours and how to mix and match them. I mixed and matched them alright, but in my in my own mad, unconventional way. Some ‘I-follow-only-rules’ types  laughed at me. I turned a BLIND EYE .

I am enjoying myself now. Not just mixing colours but also shaping ideas. All that was in my mind was taking shape into various forms, a million legos to my disposal. I discovered I could EXPRESS myself . Twisting, turning, changing.Who cares what the critics say as long as it pleases the person who beholds.

When all goes well and otherwise also ,I SLEEP like an angel. But only to wake up fresh to a new colour, shape and Expression.

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