Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

I am simple

I wasn’t the same as you see me today. A tiny, confused, bundle of joy. My parents were happy, that’s about all. The first thing my parents had to look for was a nursery for me. God!!! How hard they tried just to get me a nice little place! Cradled in my humble cot I lay there smiling and gurgling still confused as to what my role was. My parents surely knew!!! The next few days they ran around hustling and bustling, shopping for me, beautiful expensive toys, furniture  and a whole lot of baby clothes, but always  had the time to coochy-coo and love me and nurse me. I grew slowly and started getting aware of my surroundings. I also started learning things step by step.

I must tell you this, that my parents named me long before I was born, I believe it was very important. They however changed my looks several times after I was born, till they got my perfect look and colouring. They even got me, not one but several nannies each had a specialized role to play.

Now that I am six months old I have grown old enough for my parents and allowed to tweet, blog and be on facebook.

So I will now share my story and my thoughts.

DA Miracle