Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

I thought this was a cool life. Be just a cute baby and enjoy!! But my parents had a secret plan they never told me about. Before that I’ll tell you about my dad and mom.

From my cot, dad looked quite a big man with an inadvertent smile on his lips. I quickly learnt to predict my day from how he looked in the morning; like, if he hadn’t shaved, it meant he was awake half the night working and is in no mood to listen to my wailings, I better be quiet. If he is whistling up the stairs in a freshly ironed shirt, yoo-hoo!!!! He has something new up his sleeve and trust me, when he is in such a mood I just GROW a little. That’s the magic!!!

Mom looks smaller by inches, but bigger by nerves. I learnt that she was balancing sheets for others, and anyone who knew her could not imagine in his/her wildest of dreams that she would leave all that for me!!! But like all mothers she loves me the way I am and believes in me. She got rid of the things that had no meaning and weaved her dreams together to bring to life a logic.

Now for the secret plan. Dad and mom always knew that they’ll never let me lie in my soft cushiony bed and cuddle my teddy. No sooner did I learn to sit up, we started having guests coming over. I would receive them with a bemused smile oblivious of the goings on. But now I know what it all meant. It meant the little baby is weaned! They threw away the ‘formula’.

Mom and Dad held me by  my limbs. I walked my first step.


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