Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

My world is growing fast. It’s a world where no one has time for anything or anybody. Speed is the essence and brevity is the luster. ‘T-20’ will soon be added in the Webster’s dictionary as a word.

It is a great challenge to think big yet deliver fast and the best. It’s a race against time and competitors.

Armed with this knowledge I set sail for the wonderland. Did I say wonderland? Wonderland it is…

I worked diligently on every detail and put my heart and soul on every project. That was the magic!!

The world around me changed in no time.

Very soon I was looking for more people to work with me and more space to stretch out..

I started with just  the three of us, one room and a dream .Six months down the line I grew bigger than I imagined and filled the whole floor with so many people that we had to move out.

Unlike Alice who was roaming aimlessly in wonderland, we took over wonderland with a definite motive and a great idea. We had two things very clear.

The first was relationship.  We decided to build it from within our four walls and then spreading to the world at large. And we were right. Relationship helped to build a sense of belonging and a friendship among ourselves where nobody is the boss. The world outside is a Mad­ – Hatter’s –Party and the ’ Queen of Hearts’ is the client. But here too we learnt relationship is the key.

The second was, delivering more than what is asked for. If the clients want ‘A’ we give ‘A+B’ with a smile. That policy made a great difference. We started getting noticed. And we slowly bloomed into a loving family of happy,  job satisfied individuals, who would give anything to finish a job with utmost sincerity  and perfection.

On any given day we get a call from a ‘Queen of Hearts’ saying, “You come highly recommended….”