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My first rhyme…

Before I took a step or two

I could all but run;

For mama told me it was true

That‘s a bigger fun.

“Aimless running won’t get you far”,

Daddy told me thence,

“Read and learn to be a star,

But use your commonsense”.

So I thought I must read a few

Rhymes to start up with,

Jack and Jill was the first I knew

That all the kids had pith.

Jack and Jill, was what I read

Was going up the hill,

Jack, fell hard and broke his head

And rolling down came Jill.

I thought this was babies verse,

But what I got was blood

Ring-a-ring-o-roses was worse

They all fell down with a thud.

London Bridge was falling too

And Humpty-Dumpty broke,

I had enough of nursery rhymes

It is all a vicious joke.

I found each and every nursery rhyme had some violent material in it.  Think of it !!!

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