Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

“Copycats don’t have their proverbial nine lives; they die a natural death even before they are born.”

You can copy this original line of mine and use it, but if you can’t produce more of them you are dead. The ruthless client will not let you go unless you produce a string of offspring.

You can copy paste everything except a person’s wit. A ‘zoozoo’, or a ‘utterly butterly’ is a creation, unique and perennial. You can love it, you can wish you could do the same and admire it from a distance, but unless you can give birth to a new species you can’t be a Rajiv Rao or a Eustace Fernandes.

My endless Endeavour to learn but use that knowledge to do something different started taking shape.

It was not easy, because there were plenty to copy from and alter them and call them inspiration. We worked together in a team and it was fun. Everybody had something to put in. They say “too many cooks spoil the broth” but I loved all the ingredients everyone suggested, some were incorporated some were rejected by majority, but all said and done it actually enhanced the taste. And who knows a small little spice which might have been left undiscovered could actually be the essence of the magic we are about to create!!!