Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

I learnt quite a few things in the first few days of my birth. My Parents are a different breed altogether, and no amount of crying and screaming would help. They were determined to mould me according to what they thought would work and didn’t care what other kids of my age looked like or occupied their time with, they dressed me up their own unconventional way.

I learnt my first word soon. Although it starts with ‘m’ it’s not ‘mama’ as you must be thinking, its ‘mouse’. I had to learn what the thing was, since everybody’s attention was centered on it and each one around me was over obsessed with the black little thing which keeps making that clicking sound throughout the day. Very soon I learnt of course the mouse was not a new toy that my parents and my nannies loved playing with; it is the key that opens the door to all that happens here.

Within a few days I started getting aware of my body. Don’t think otherwise, all kids of my age do so. I discovered I have four limbs. I would do all sorts of antics with them and enjoy every moment of it. My dad called them D C B A. I didn’t know what it meant then, but I loved the fact that each had a name because what I realized later was that, each limb of mine had a mind of its own and was unique.

No wonder my parents love me so much.

I am extraordinary.

-Da Miracle

Designing, Consulting, Branding, Advertising.

Update (24/01/2015)  : A Full service design & Digital Marketing agency