Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

The indispensable desire to endorse ethics before economics earned me the trust of people I respect.

That makes my work easier in the sense that, one can never calculate the risks involved in business, but values and morals never miss their mark. You may not earn big bucks from day one, but slowly and surely you gain your strong footing on the ladder of success.

My dreams   and ideas took shape into reality and my ethics brought me accolades I never expected to achieve otherwise. I was able to identify my strongest points and use them to my advantage.

I believed “The world has enough for the needy not the greedy” and so I decided to do something for the society, who deserved to be in this planet with as much as self respect as we do. I also joined hands with individuals who had faith in the belief. The poor scholar, the disabled young girl, the society who looked after such hapless children all came under DA Miracle’s wing. I have hardly stepped into this world, just a year old, but I brought a few smiles. My quality of work and my social responsibility chose to hold hands and work together.

It is a tough battle because you have to be the best in your demeanor, yet deliver quality work on time, and of course never lose sight of your mission and vision. With a limp or two we did move on with our head held high, smiling and with confidence.

The Magic is part of Da Miracle which presents itself with the Logic we are so proud of…