Da Miracle was founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose (June Ray).   

Because we read somewhere that client is God, we had been happy the whole year, running errands for the clients is what we can say to the Yes-man-ship we were actually practicing. Some of them were actually so happy to our inclined head that they kept on pouring us with work on their terms. As a result we were up to our heads with work, which we promised to deliver before any God can also finish it. Our problem was we couldn’t say ‘No’. That was a good policy to earn the goodwill of clients, but that was taxing ourselves to no-sleepdom. Then one fine day we decided we must put an end to it and say the forbidden ‘No’ word. We realized client is not God but a partner to grow with, a friend. We changed our attitude, straightened our inclined head and said No to whatever we knew was not possible.

It also made a lot of sense that we weren’t actually exhausting ourselves on almost impossible projects. The quality of our work improved and however we were less stressed. Nevertheless some old clients cannot forget the good old times when they could give us a project and expect us to complete it in a jiffy, and we continue to oblige them for old time’s sake.

Now I am not just an entity anymore (if you have noticed), from a person I have turned into a conglomerate. The metamorphosis was slow but the stack piling of knowledge during the process proved highly beneficial. I became WE.

We decided to use fresh minds and ideas and tap them. We started with a small marketing group. As usual our ideas were unconventional. No hard core selling, it is going to be their project and how they handle it. It would be risky, but we were prepared to take the risk if we chose the right youngsters. So we decided to pick a few interns from a local B-school and allow them to speak and work freely on two exciting projects.

It wasn’t an easy task, we spent a full day to choose 5 MBA interns. We didn’t want any one from an academic point of view, but we wanted them to be different in their ideas and approach.

We decided we will not go through the normal process of an elaborate and boring presentation, so we didn’t carry anything with us, PPT, Brochure, Questionarre, Forms nothing. We just mingled with the students made them feel easy and told them to ask us questions. It was a wonderful session where they asked us and we replied, they slowly got very friendly, and we quipped, laughed, and discussed. After this session we organized a Group Discussion. One topic about “whether celebrities are required for promotions”. By then the group was so excited and enthusiastic that they gave their full potential to the discussion. It was difficult to choose now, since most of them were very good and of course some were already earmarked by the so-called “big banners“with lucrative stipends and frills. We were sweetly surprised by the turn of events. By the end of the evening we were thronged by even the ones who had opted out of the initial encounter. Before we could call it a day phones had not a second’s rest. It carried on for the next few days, all of them wanted to join immediately notwithstanding their exams being round the corner.

Finally we had to choose. We selected according to their personality and depth of awareness. Some of them were to be used for Social Media Marketing; understanding of the Social Media was a necessity for them. We picked up the ones active on social networks and our quest was over and thankfully the young minds’ enthusiasm weren’t. After one last  check-in at another B-school we wrapped up the process.

We have created the world where the free young minds can put into practice their ideas and thoughts. We have given them the opportunity and freedom to use their knowledge backed by their creativity and talent to prove to the world that they have it in them to be what they have set out to be.

The roots of Da Miracle have been nourished enough now to grow from a sapling to a tree with a new branch. Our new branch office will be situated in another part of the city, attracting specialized persons to Join team Da Miracle. We are constantly adding to our family and growing bigger and brighter, progressing with the promise to achieve the best.

We are also working on the strategies to reinvent the ways we work by collaborating with established companies so that we can give reliable & cost-effective experience to our clients and at the same time making sure that there’s no Profit/ROI/Brand dilution.

It’s simply a more logical way of going about our business and creating magic.