We know that reporting can make or break your business. It’s all about finding the
right number that makes your boss say, “Holy ****! That’s it.”

Get access to relevant, actionable insights about your audience. Without analytics, you are wandering around on the Web like a deer on the freeway.

Measure what matters is what we at Da miracle believe in. With metrics, it’s easy to get caught up in vanity. Vanity metrics are the things that make you feel good and may even give you some idea of what’s happening, but they’re not really indicative of what’s happening to your business or what exactly should be your next move or areas of improvement in digital marketing. We are talking about things like:

Visits to your site

Page views

Number of newsletter subscribers

Followers on social media

Bounce rate

Time spent on your site

Seeing growth in these numbers over time can be a useful trend, but for the most part, you’re instead looking for the kinds of metrics that show one thing: action.

Useful data tracking and its easy through quick setups using a free but immensely powerful tool like Google analytics to evaluate what matters:

Who is coming to your site, and what are those people doing once they get there;

What channels are driving buying customers;

Who is converting;

What conversions are deepening relationships;

What conversions are driving revenue;

Who is buying multiple times;

What’s your lifetime customer value;

What are your churn rates

Any solid analytics plan should take your business model into account and develop a set of metrics that maps to your unique needs and buying funnel. Get in touch with our Google certified analytics professionals to measure what matters most for your business.

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